Tuesday, June 23, 2009

About me

My Name is Kwon Namkoong. I am from Korea. I was born in Seoul which is the capital city of Korea. I am studying abroad in Ohio University for a bachelor’s degree. I am a senior and a digital media major. I came to Athens 8 years ago. I had attended the OPIE program for 2 years in Ohio University. OPIE stands for Ohio Program of Intensive English. This program is for international students to learn English. After 2 years in the OPIE program, I had taken academic classes for another 2 years as an undecided major. However, I could not continue to study because I needed to go back to Korea to serve the Korean military. As a Korean citizen, I must serve the Korean military for 2 years at some point of my time after the age of 18. It was my time to go there. Thus, I decided to go back to Korea and finish my duty as a Korean citizen. It was very hard time for me. After 2 years, I came back to Ohio University to finish my degree and decided to go for a business major. After a couple of quarters, I found my interest in animation, so I changed my major to a digital media major recently. I feel pretty confident studying animation, and I am enjoying it. One thing I feel unfortunate is that I have lost some English skills while I was in Korea because I could not continue to speak or use English in the Korean military. I am trying to recover English skills. I think that this class is a kind of class that I am looking forward to help recover them. I expect to improve my writing skills through the class.

In addition, I have not experienced much as a writer. When I was young, I used to write a short story for fun. However, I just have writing experiences in classes for writing essays. Moreover, prior to this class, I took English 151A. This English 308J class is my second English class. As a reader, I enjoy reading novels, especially scientific fictions. Unfortunately, I have not read any books recently.

Moreover, I have some weaknesses as a writer and reader. The main problem is obviously my English. Because English is my second language, it is hard for me to translate all my ideas when I write, and I have problems in correcting grammar. I also have difficulty to get ideas out of my head. It usually takes time to get ideas regarding a topic. However, I think that I feel confident in structuring and supporting ideas.

Again, I am looking forward to improve my writing skills through this class. Definitely, I hope not to fail this class.

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