Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ENG 308J_A02

Before this class, my only experience for learning how to write an essay was in OPIE classes a few years ago as I said earlier in the first blog. As an academic composition class, this was my second class. So, it was true that I was worried a little about taking a junior composition class because writing a paper and even writing in English was the weakest part of my ability. However, I did not have a choice, but to take. After the class began, and I started to write a paper, I noticed that some of knowledge that I learned from OPIE was a little different from the academic English class regarding composition skills such as transitioning or quoting. I have learned a lot of new writing skills. I think I have somehow managed to adjust. I feel more comfortable now.

In fact, I have learned a lot of things that are interesting. The main topic of the class was very interesting because I was interested in sex, love, and romance like others, and it was about media. Even though my major is animation, I have taken several classes related to media because of the department where I am in now: Media Study department. I think it was fun to know something more about media. In addition to that, learning about the love myths of Dr. Galician and reading articles that talk about relationship between the myths and media was quiet interesting. Through analyzing these articles, I think I have improved analyzing and criticizing skills. Moreover, learning how to cite was a very valuable lesson for me. Before this class, I always struggled for working on citations.

I think that the biggies reason I could improve my composition skill was encouragement from peers and the instructor. I really liked that the instructor and peers point out not only the weak part of my paper, but also the strong part of my paper. When they say some ideas in my paper are great, I felt really good. Without this encouragement, I was very skeptical about my papers.

Overall, even though the class was a bit challenging for me in the beginning, I feel very confident now that I could improve my composition skills. It was nice to have a class with good people and a good instructor.

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