Monday, July 13, 2009

My Research Proposal

My proposal for the research is Sex and the City. I wanted to research one of the TV shows because I thought that there will be many things to talk about. I chose Sex and the City. Actually, I did not have many experiences watching TV shows in the US. I did not have many choices to pick a TV show regarding sex, love and romance. After I was given the essay 3 assignment, Sex and the City came to my mind. I know it is one of the most famous romance TV shows in the US. I have watched one or two episodes of the show before, but I think that definitely there will be many things to talk about studies we have been doing in the class.

My topic will be interrelation between Sex and the City and Dr. Galician’s myths and prescriptions. I will research whether Sex and the City as a form of media perpetuates Dr. Galician’s myths or prescriptions. If it perpetuates, I will specifically find how characters in the show illustrate myths or prescriptions. I will focus on character relationships, dialogues of characters and characters’ behaviors.

My primary target audience is the instructor, but my imaginary target audiences will be couples. I think that because they are in romance relationships, they will find this type of a topic interesting. They may be already familiar with Sex and the City, but they are not likely to specifically think about how the media perpetuates myths such as Dr. Galician’s myths. I think that they can have fun comparing their thoughts with the portrayal of a TV show regarding sex, love, and romance. Moreover, I think that the instructor expects me to write a well-organized, fully-thoughtful and well-analyzed research paper incorporated with Dr. Galician’s myths.

My primary source will be obviously a season of Sex and the City. I think I will analyze full episodes in the first season of Sex and the City. My secondary sources will be reliable articles regarding Sex and the City. I will try to look for information of any comments related to Dr. Galician’s myths in the articles. I will find secondary sources in the library and in the internet for additional information. I am not looking forward to interview or survey. I will mostly focus on observing the episodes of Sex and the City.

I will start finding secondary resources tomorrow. I will watch an episode a day and finish it by this weekend. After that, I will collect all findings from the show and secondary sources and analyze them. I will write my paper based on those.

At this point, I wonder what myths or prescriptions Sex and the City specifically perpetuates and how. Problems I may have now are finding secondary resources in the library because I am not familiar with researching in the library. I also think that I will have to manage my schedules well because I will watch a season of Sex and the City for a short period of time.

Overall, for this research, my goal is to effectively convince audiences that my findings and analysis are very clear, interesting and reliable. Specifically for the class, I am looking forward to impress the instructor and get an A.

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