Saturday, July 4, 2009

Love by Blood-type

Koreans like to ask others about their blood-types because most Koreans believe that there is a relationship between blood-types and people’s personalities. That means that the personality of a person can be known by his/her blood-type. I heard that a research finding a relationship between them was first done in the UK. However, the study kept continued in Japan and became popular after people heard of this study. Koreans also heard and got interested. An interesting fact is Koreans still believe that there is some connection between blood-types and personalities even though researchers could not find any scientific proof for the relationship. The Reason why Koreans still like to talk about blood-types is because there is, again, a big contribution of mass media. As a result, Korean couples enjoy talking about the relationship and matching their personalities in terms of their blood-types. This is a love myth in Korea.

Blood-types are generally divided into four, A, B, AB and O. For example, A person whose blood-type is A is prudent and careful, so he/she does not show his/her personality easily to others. A person whose blood-type is B values freedom, and he/she does not like to be bound by a rule. A person whose blood-type is AB likes to be reasonable and fair, and he/she sometimes comes up with ideas that others normally do not think of. A person whose blood-type is O usually is equally nice to all people who he/she knows, and he/she is active and enthusiastic. These illustrations are a part of aspects of blood-type personalities. As you might notice, these personalities are sometimes very specific and sometimes very general. In addition, Koreans made some mate matching test in terms of the blood-type personalities. For example, a man whose blood-type is O matches well with a women whose blood-type is A.

Generally, Koreans enjoy talking about blood-type personalities for fun. However, some people think about them seriously. I think that a person’s personality does not depend on his/her blood-type. There may be some relationship, but I think that personality varies a person to a person in terms of many factors. I thought that this would be an interesting thing to tell you because our class’s study is related to love.


  1. Hey Kwon,
    This was definitly a very interesting blog and totally caught my attention. It's interesting how you mentioned what each blood type would mean and even more interesting to me is that you said a person with A blood type would work well with a person of O blood type. Even if this idea about blood types determining if 2 personalities are right for eachother hasnt been proven, it still seems to hold true for me and my significant other. My boyfriend is A blood type and he is as you mentioned above very prudent and careful, while I am O blood type, and I am certainly enthusiastic (well for the most part haha). My boyfriend and I have been happily together for 9 months and I suppose this korean love myth is true and can be forwarded by accounts with my boyfriend.
    Cool blog,
    Lauren V.

  2. Hey this was quite interesting. I never knew about this blood typing thing with Koreans even though I know many it has never came up. The A,B,O blood typing it seems was first introduced in the UK and then to Japan which then passed to Korea. Mass media has spurred this blood type/ dating issue as a fun and playful way for couples to come together. The personalities are divided into four separate categories (one for each blood type, A, B, O, AB). Each has its own set of criteria which make what they are. Mine isn't exactly right but close, I'm type O but according to the personalities I could be a combination of almost any of them. I think this is a fun way to give newly starting out couples something to talk about and laugh at. It should be done in the US for a good laugh!

  3. In this blog, Kwon talks about the relationship between blood type and personalities in Korean culture. Much in the same way some people view the astrological symbols based on their birth dates, Koreans believe that blood type has a similar meaning and influence in relationships. Studies have not found any scientific proof that blood type has any influence on personality, but in Korea it is still discussed for the shake of conversation. This is just another myth and way to explain relationships from a Korean perspective.